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At Healthy Living Cardiology we believe in long term solutions to your cardiac related health challenges. To provide the solution, we get to the root cause of the problem.  We want to help you solve your cardiac related health conditions. Your care is dictated by what’s best for your long-term health because that’s all that matters.

We’re a cardiology practice located in Pasadena, California. If you’re tired of visiting a cardiology office only to find a waiting room full of patients, long waits to see the doctor and only spending a few minutes to discuss your concerns you’ve come to the right place.

Our focus is not on treating cardiac related diseases but on preventing them. In fact, the only thing that matters to us is what you personally need to protect your heart, avoid serious disease and achieve optimal health and wellness. We would rather help you get off unnecessary cardiac related medications than prescribe another medication for you to take.

Joshua Alexander Jacobi, MD, is triple board-certified in Cardiovascular Disease, Interventional Cardiology and Internal Medicine.  Most of our cardiology testing is done at our office for convenience. The cardiovascular testing provided includes: EKG, cardiac monitoring, and stress test to help diagnose heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, pacemaker function, cardiovascular fitness, and heart failure. Echocardiogram which is an ultrasound of the heart to look at your heart’s structure and see how well your heart function. Carotid ultrasound to look for blocked or narrowed carotid arteries, which can increase the risk of stroke.

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Joshua Jacobi, MD - Triple Board Certified Cardiologist

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