Success Stories

What our patients say about us:

Dr. Jacobi is a godsend – he embodies what an intelligent, compassionate physician would be.  Not only did he see me on short notice, but he spent a lot of time working up my condition, asked many probing questions and formulated a treatment plan based on collaboration with me. He has great medical training including several fellowships and I feel well cared for by him.  He also has terrific staff who are friendly and caring.  A very classy office.  I highly recommend him and his practice.

-Brenda B,
Chatsworth, CA

Testimonial1I want you to know how much it means to me that you came to the ER last Wednesday to admit me yourself. It was extremely comforting to know I was in such great hands. I will always be grateful!


Testimonial2Dr. Jacobi,
I came to the ER scared and apprehensive – I went up to the ICU floor and the anxiety built. When you first came into my room and you were so kind, I felt I was in good hands. Thank you for all you did for me, the great bedside manner, the successful cardio session. I hope I can find a cardiologist here in Nevada like you. Thank you.
P.S. We had a beautiful (week “Graduate Grandson”) celebration!


Weight Loss Program
Weight Loss Program in Pasadena CAAs a physician, out of the many people I have had the privilege to help, one patient in particular stands out.  Why?  Because it changed the way I practice medicine.

When I practiced interventional cardiology, I was the doctor you saw when you had a heart attack.  Over the years I realized most heart attacks can be prevented.   Doing heart procedures to unclog arteries offered a temporary fix but did not address the root cause of the problem.

I started to focus more on prevention than intervention.  I learned better ways to predict if someone would have a heart attack.  One day a patient’s test came back showing a 20% risk of a heart attack or stroke in the next 5 years.

When I sat down and talked to the patient about his results, he was worried.  His father had heart disease.  His father had a bypass operation for his clogged arteries.  After the surgery, his father who was a physician was never quite the same afterward.  He soon had to stop practicing medicine.

The patient also revealed he was prediabetic.  He did not want diabetes because he had seen his mother suffer from diabetes complications. 

Last, he was not in the best physical condition.  He could not even walk a mile without having to stop because of pain in his left hip.  He was likely going to need surgery.

I asked him what he thought the root cause of his health problems.  He told me it was his weight.  It was something he had struggled with most of his adult life.

He made several attempts to lose the weight.  He tried Weight Watchers.  He lost the weight but it came back.  He tried fen-phen which was a weight loss pill.  He lost weight but the pill was taken off the market because of dangerous side effects.  When he stopped taking the pills, he gained back the weight.  Finally, he had gastric bypass surgery.  At first, this seemed to work.  However, the weight still came back.  He was frustrated and had given up hope of losing weight and keeping it off.

I asked him what he thought the solution was to his weight problem.  He told me it was to adopt a healthy lifestyle but he did not know how.

I offered to teach him how to have a healthy lifestyle so when he reached his goal weight, it was likely to stay off and not come back.  He told me he was ready to learn.  We designed a personal healthy living program to help him reach his goal.

In less than a year, he lost 70 pounds.  His left hip pain went away and he could walk 5 miles when before he could not even walk one mile.  His pre diabetes reversed.  His heart attack risk dropped 50%.

He was grateful for his results.  He was now looking forward to seeing his children and grandchildren grow up.  However, he did tell me he had one regret.

I wish I had done this sooner.

I told him better later than never and he agreed.

Joshua Jacobi, MD


I visited Dr. Jacobi 3 weeks ago for the first time.  I have suffered with Migraine headaches for over 40 years.  I’ve been treated by neurologists, chiropractors and acupuncturists over the years, with no permanent results.  I was referred to Dr. Jacobi for his new method of healing, so I decided to try it out.

First, I was impressed by his office and staff.  I felt welcome and special from the moment I walked in the door.  My first visit went well.  Dr. Jacobi’s bedside manner was extremely welcoming.  I instantly felt at ease.  We talked about my headaches, and he was confident he could help me out.

I almost cancelled my second visit because I had a horrible headache that morning.  I told Dr. Jacobi the pain level was a 7.  By the time I left his office, the headache had disappeared!  No pain medicine!  I was blown away!

Normally I get 3 migraines a week.  With just two appointments, I have had 2 headaches in the past 3 weeks.  It’s unbelievable progress!!!  My goal is to be headache free, and with his help, I am confident it will happen!

I am highly recommended this office.   He deals with a lot more than headaches, so please give him a try!

Cathy Pierro
Upland, CA

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobi for 9 months, purposely searching for his approach to medicine and style of practice upon my recent retirement and return to the United States.    At the time of our first meeting, I stated that my primary goal was to remove the need for medications taken to control blood pressure and cholesterol level.  A 10% weight loss was a secondary objective.  I found it easy to maintain a daily food journal and follow the diet program defined by Dr. Jacobi, communicating with him via weekly phone calls and bi-weekly to monthly office visits.  I find it astonishing that a weight loss of just 10% (20 pounds) has eliminated the need for medication.  Blood pressure averaged 135/78 while on medication for years; it now averages 118/68 without medication.  Although I have long been aware of an established link between stress and the immune system, I was a skeptic of the health benefits of meditation.  No longer, as measurements of blood pressure taken before and after brief periods of meditation in the offices of Dr. Jacobi show the strong link between mind and body.  I am grateful that I have finally found an approach to health care that really works for me.

James Dietrich
Pasadena, CA

I needed a primary physician here in Pasadena.
I have chronic health problems that require monitoring and consultation at regular intervals.
My husband went to Dr.Jacobi first, and was so impressed with him he insisted I make an appointment right away.
I was equally impressed. Excellent bedside manner. Took his time. He really listened. He was thorough, well informed about my conditions, and was positive, hopeful and encouraging. It is evident he loved what he does. I feel fortunate that my husband and I have found him. He is a rare, and excellent, physician.

Rebecca B.
Altadena, CA

I came here to get an EKG done the other day. This was part of a comprehensive analysis I’m having done, and this physician’s office was recommended to by a friend of mine. I found parking in the structure and it was not too difficult finding a spot. The office was an elevator up to the 4th floor. Once I walked in, I noticed it was a clean and well-organized office. The decor was done in good taste, and it felt so warm and welcoming. The receptionist had me fill out some forms, and I waited for the doctor to see me. Dr. Jacobi is a friendly person. While he did my EKG, we chatted about a few things: med school apps, residency, and his path to where he is now. He gave me good pointers on my own career pursuits. The EKG itself was fast, and fortunately it came out normal. No heart problems for me. I recommend Dr. Jacobi’s office for all your family physician and cardiology needs. He and his staff was super friendly and professional. Come check them out.

William G.
Palos Verdes, CA

When driving home, I had some pain in my heart. The sharp pain made me and wife worried. We search on Google and the provider site to find someone close by our home. I made an appointment with Dr Jacobi.

I met with Dr Jacobi and his receptionist and they are very nice people to talk to. He explained everything very clearly. We went through the different exams and explanation. Good news is things are just stress related and we are waiting on some tests to be sure.

Very nice people.

Viphak L.
Alhambra, CA