What is concierge medicine?

Imagine you go to your doctor’s office without having to wait. You are able to spend as much time with your doctor as needed and have all your questions answered without feeling rushed. When you feel something is not right you can pick up the phone and call your doctor’s personal phone so he can talk to you about the concern 24/7.  This is the care concierge healthcare services provide.

Why should I join your concierge program?

Preventive medicine specialist Dr. Jacobi believes in preventing heart disease, cancer and other medical conditions before they happen. If you have any chronic medical condition such as diabetes or hypertension, then Dr. Jacobi can work with you to treat your condition using both traditional western and alternative methods. This way you receive the best of modern medical care combined with non-traditional care to work powerfully in achieving your optimal health and well-being.

Unlike many other physicians, before prescribing you another medication, Dr. Jacobi prefers to treat with natural methods.

In contrast to a traditional medical practice, where the average time spent with a medical doctor is 7 1/2 minutes, Dr. Jacobi gives his concierge patients extended office visit up to an hour as needed. He’s able to provide this high quality of care because he limits the number of patients allowed in his practice.

How do I join your concierge program?

Call us today at 626.716.9206 or fill out the appointment request form on the website for a 30- minute Fee based consultation with Dr. Jacobi. At the consultation, you can discuss your health concerns and see which one of his programs is best for you.

How much does the concierge program cost?

Our concierge services are affordable. Give us a call today 626.716.9206 to get details.

 What services are provided with the concierge program?

  • 24/7 Access to a board certified Cardiologist/Internist via phone, text and email.
  • Telemedicine visits to save you time
  • After hours/weekend appointment on as needed basis
  • Extended one hour office visits as needed
  • Same day appointments as needed
  • A comprehensive history and physical exam along with a detailed assessment of your risk of a heart attack
  • If needed, nutritional guidance specifically for your medical goals.
  • If needed, fitness guidance for your current level of fitness that works with your schedule
  • Parking validation

Do I have to sign up for the concierge program to see the physician?

No, currently we are a hybrid office. We are accepting both concierge and insured patients.

 Where are you located?

We are  located at 301 S. Fair Oaks suite 404 in Pasadena, California 91105 in the Del Mar medical building on the corner of Fair Oaks and Del Mar. Parking is on the Del Mar side of the building.

What is your fax number?

Our fax number is 626-709-3568

What health insurance do you take?

The concierge services is not covered by insurance. Nonetheless, often your HSA account will cover the membership fees.  For non-concierge patients we accept the following PPO and EPO insurances – Aetna, Cigna, Anthem Blue Cross, California Blueshield, HealthNet, United HealthCare, Humana, Medicare, Covered California. Unfortunately, at this time we are not signed up with any HMO plans. We are contracted with Medi-cal as a secondary insurance only; we accept Medi-Medi.

**We are contracted as a specialist (Cardiology). If you would like to see the physician for Internal Medicine, the specialist copay, coinsurance will be applied for visits**

Would you verify if my insurance is In-Network or Out-of-Network with your Office?

We suggest you verify this information with your insurance company. We do not want to misguide you with information that might not be up-to-date. There should be a  member services number on the back of your insurance card where you may call to verify.

How much is my out-of-pocket or copay?

We suggest you verify this with your insurance company. Every individual plan is different, therefore we can not provide you with this information. Contact the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card.

Are you currently accepting new patients?

Yes, we are currently accepting both concierge and insured patients.

Are you privileged at Huntington Hospital or any other Hospital near the area?

No, we focus on outpatient care only so optimal care is provided to each patient during their office visit.

How do I send my previous medical records to your office?

Please schedule an appointment before sending us any of your medical records. In order to abide by HIPPA, please complete the Authorization to Release Medical Records form  and fax it back to 626.709.3568 or email it to admin@healthylivingmedical.com. We will then submit this form to your previous physician to retrieve your medical records.