Preventive Cardiology

Comprehensive cardiovascular prevention

You might think that lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure and quitting smoking are sufficient to live happily ever after. But truly comprehensive cardiovascular prevention and lipid management requires more. Preventive medicine specialist Dr. Jacobi uses advanced cholesterol and lipoprotein testing, blood biomarkers and precise carotid artery wall examination in conjunction with a meticulous health history and physical examination to deliver accurate diagnoses and leading-edge preventive treatment recommendations.

Three kinds of prevention

There is no longer simply a single kind of prevention. Prevention is primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary prevention means helping you avoid dangerous habits such as smoking cigarettes. Secondary prevention means preventing established disease from reaching an unwanted conclusion. In cardiology, that means stopping the progression of asymptomatic coronary artery or cerebrovascular disease so that a patient will not suffer a heart attack, stroke or sudden cardiac death. Tertiary prevention means helping patients who have already had a heart attack or stroke to avoid another one.

In practicing preventive cardiology, internal medicine doctor Joshua Jacobi, MD, provides every patient with solid risk assessment at all three levels of prevention.

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