Jim D.

I have been a patient of Dr. Jacobi for 9 months, purposely searching for his approach to medicine and style of practice upon my recent retirement and return to the United States.    At the time of our first meeting, I stated that my primary goal was to remove the need for medications taken to control blood pressure and cholesterol level.  A 10% weight loss was a secondary objective.  I found it easy to maintain a daily food journal and follow the diet program defined by Dr. Jacobi, communicating with him via weekly phone calls and bi-weekly to monthly office visits.  I find it astonishing that a weight loss of just 10% (20 pounds) has eliminated the need for medication.  Blood pressure averaged 135/78 while on medication for years; it now averages 118/68 without medication.  Although I have long been aware of an established link between stress and the immune system, I was a skeptic of the health benefits of meditation.  No longer, as measurements of blood pressure taken before and after brief periods of meditation in the offices of Dr. Jacobi show the strong link between mind and body.  I am grateful that I have finally found an approach to health care that really works for me.

James D.
Pasadena, CA