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Getting The Health You Want

We identify your current state of health and find out your desired health.  Once we have a your desired state of health that is specific, measurable, and realistic, then we design a program to work with you to achieve your desired health in a specified time period.  Because you are unique, your program is personal and specifically designed for you.

Where you are now

Dr. Jacobi will first spend a good deal of time with you finding out who you are as a person not just as a patient. He will ask about your family and personal health history, work history, favorite activities, hobbies and lifestyle (eating, drinking, smoking and exercise). Furthermore, you will be screened for two conditions which are frequently overlooked with sometimes unfortunate outcomes if missed: obstructive sleep apnea and depression.

Next, he will do a thorough physical exam including your pulse, blood pressure, weight and body mass index. In addition he will check your lymphatic, cardiovascular, pulmonary, gastrointestinal systems.

Based on the above results, Dr. Jacobi will recommend testing so he can determine your health risk. This may include cholesterol testing, advanced lipid tests, electrocardiogram, stress echocardiogram, carotid intima thickness testing, and pulmonary functions tests.

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