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Dr. Jacobi’s executive physical is likely to be more thorough than any you’ve had previously. He is one of the very few cardiology physicians who includes both CIMT (carotid intima-media thickness) and PULS/ELP testing.

The CIMT test looks at the arteries in the neck, not the heart. It takes 15 minutes. Visual test results show you the plaque build-up and help motivate you to make positive changes. Measuring the thickness of the intima and media layers of the carotid artery wall is one way to assess your cardiovascular health. This simple noninvasive procedure helps cardiologist doctor Joshua Jacobi, MD, accurately assess disease presence, risk of future cardiac events and progression of disease even before you experience acute symptoms.

What your neck tells us about your heart
The thickness of the arteries in the neck correlates with the risk of developing blockage in the arteries that feed the heart and cause heart attacks. Many research papers have corroborated this statement. In fact, the thickness of the carotid arteries is even used as the endpoint in drug studies. For example, it can show whether a cholesterol medicine really works, in order to receive FDA approval. Reducing carotid thickness has a beneficial effect on the heart.

Are your arteries as young as you feel?
We will include your arterial age as part of your test results. For example: If you’re 50 and we tell you that you have the arteries of an 80-year-old, you don’t need much more explanation.

The second test included in Dr. Jacobi’s executive physical is known as the ELP (expanded lipid profile) cholesterol test. It clarifies risk with a more personalized treatment approach because it gives you more information than standard cholesterol testing.  It measures the cholesterol particles that are more likely to get deposited in the walls of your arteries.  What this means is you can get a better picture of your cholesterol numbers and your cardiovascular risk.

The third test we offer is the PULS (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature).  50% of heart attacks occur in patients with a normal cholesterol. This unique test gives us insight into your risk of a heart attack that standard testing does not pick up.  Most heart attacks occur at sites that are not picked up on a stress test. With this test we measure 7 different proteins that are associated with cholesterol plaque rupture which causes heart attacks. From the test we can tell you what your risk of heart attack is in 5 years and let you know your heart age.

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