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Preventive Medicine is the Key to Exceptional Health

There is no greater gift in life than experiencing exceptional health. The key to achieving that state of wellness lies in preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine is the difference between taking a two-cent baby aspirin every day to protect your heart – and paying $200,000 for hospital and surgical fees after a heart attack and bypass or stent procedure. Dr. Jacobi takes the baby aspirin approach – along with a healthy dose of good nutrition and regular exercise. His strong focus on preventive medicine is the centerpiece of his three concierge programs.

A VIP concierge preventive care program to fit your budget & needs

Select VIP Care – This includes 24/7 access to Dr. Jacobi and same-day appointments for all your primary care needs.

Deluxe VIP Care – This includes the above plus advanced lipid, cardio markers and carotid testing, plus a detailed lifestyle report. You’ll also receive dietary counseling, a personal exercise prescription and follow-up discussions with Dr. Jacobi.

Elite VIP Care – This includes all of the above plus regular stress tests and cardiac testing. Dr. Jacobi highly recommends this program for high-risk clients who are overweight, smokers, diabetic, hypertensive or have previous heart conditions or other serious health problems in their family medical history.

Annual membership fees in these preventive programs cost less than your typical annual premiums for company-provided health insurance. You enjoy personal concierge medicine with the added benefit of having a board-certified, fellowship-trained interventional cardiology and cardiovascular disease specialist. This is important because most concierge physicians have to send you to another specialist for heart testing or cardiac intervention.

Stop trying to live with cookie-cutter medical care and start living better. Call Dr. Jacobi at 626.716.9206 or visit TheHealthyLivingMedical.com and ask about a complimentary preventive health consultation or use our online

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