Personalized Healthcare

Continuity of high-quality patient care

Imagine the incredible convenience and sense of security of having one internal medicine doctor who can care for all your medical needs all the time. Imagine having such a close relationship with your medical doctor that he seems more like a partner in your healthcare.

Such a doctor is Joshua Jacobi, MD. Though as a doctor of internal medicine Dr. Jacobi was educated and trained in the traditional Western medicine model of treating disease and sickness, he has seen too many patients and doctors suffering because insurance companies dictate patient care. By focusing his practice on prevention and wellness, he can offer greater benefits to his clients at less cost.

Dr. Jacobi and his staff will focus entirely on you. They will do all they can to help you prevent illness and disease. And you will see them every time you visit.

Enjoy continuity of care and medical concierge service that’s focused entirely on you. Trust Healthy Living Medical (near Huntington Memorial Hospital) for complete boutique medical care. Call us at 626.716.9206 or use our convenient online